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K-12 P2


pheA(del)::FRT tyrR(del)::PLtetO1-tyrAfbraroGfbr lacZ::PLtetO1-tyrAfbraroGfbr


tyrosine overproduction


PMID:17221195[1] describes construction of the deletion mutations

PMID:22869698[2] describes introduction of the fbr alleles into the chromosome




The tyrAfbr and aroGfbr alleles encode enzymes that are resistant to feedback inhibition.[1] The AroGfbrenzyme has an Asp-146-Asn substitution.[3]. The TyrAfbr enzyme has two amino acid substitutions: Met-53-Ile in the chorismate mutase domain and Ala-354-Val in the prephenate dehydrogenase domain.[4]

This strain is likely a derivative of K-12 MG1655, but it isn't explicitly stated in any of the papers.(Siegele (talk) 15:02, 11 July 2013 (CDT))


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