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Handouts first written in 1999 for Biochemical Genetics at Texas A&M by User:JimHu. Feel free to use with attribution.

By 1999, I had taught or co-taught the graduate level molecular genetics/molecular biology/biochemical genetics course for about 5 years, using the primary literature as material. I found that many incoming students were unfamiliar with the rationale for things like why and how we do mutant hunts, suppressor screens etc., so I wrote some rambling supplemental notes to fill in the background. These notes are still being used by other faculty at Texas A&M as of 2014, so I thought I'd make them generally available. Note that this material was written based on 1990s technology and before, so there are some major holes, such as RNAi, whole genome sequencing etc. --JimHu (talk) 11:35, 7 February 2014 (CST)

What is covered

  1. Alberts' path to enlightenment. Model systems
  2. Forward genetics, selections and screens
  3. Mutant screens in a model vertabrate: Zebrafish mutant hunt to illustrate issues involved in designing a screen in a diploid organism
  4. More on selection vs screens vs enrichment. HAT Selection
  5. Cloning by complementation/Marker rescue
  6. Chromosome landing. Map based cloning and candidate gene approaches
  7. Reverse genetics - knockouts by homologous recombination, transposon libraries. Written before RNAi
  8. Knockouts in mice - written before RNAi
  9. Genetic interactions - suppressors and enhancers


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