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Methods:single lambda lysogen confirmation by PCR

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Materials Needed


From Powell et al. (1994)[1]

To prep colony for PCR:

  1. Restreak lysogenized colonies & incubate overnight at appropriate temperature.
  2. Pick a single colony into 500μL sterile water. Resuspend.
  3. Spin at 15 000 rpm for 2 mins.
  4. Aspirate off supernatant IMMEDIATELY and CAREFULLY!
  5. Resuspend in 500μL sterile water. Repeat steps 3-5 twice.
  6. Resuspend the pellet in 100μL sterile water.
  7. Use 20μL of the cell suspension in a PCR.


    • cell suspension 20μL
    • Primer mix (10μM of each primer of each of the three primers listed in the reference) 2.5μL
    • Taq Buffer 5μL
    • 10mM dNTP mix 1μL
    • Taq 0.5μL
    • water 21.5μL
  • total 50μL

PCR conditions:

  • begins with:
    • 95oC - 1 min
  • repeat 25X:
    • 95oC - 1 min
    • 55oC - 1 min
    • 72oC - 1 min
  • ends with:
    • 72oC - 5 min
  • run 10μL of PCR on 1.5% agarose gel
single lysogen = 501 bp band
multiple lysogen = 501 bp & 379 bp bands 

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  1. Powell, BS et al. (1994) Rapid confirmation of single copy lambda prophage integration by PCR. Nucleic Acids Res. 22 5765-6 PubMed EcoliWiki page