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Li, H, Chang, L, Howell, JM and Turner, RJ (2010) DmsD, a Tat system specific chaperone, interacts with other general chaperones and proteins involved in the molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1804:1301-9


Many bacterial oxidoreductases depend on the Tat translocase for correct cell localization. Substrates for the Tat translocase possess twin-arginine leaders. System specific chaperones or redox enzyme maturation proteins (REMPs) are a group of proteins implicated in oxidoreductase maturation. DmsD is a REMP discovered in Escherichia coli, which interacts with the twin-arginine leader sequence of DmsA, the catalytic subunit of DMSO reductase. In this study, we identified several potential interacting partners of DmsD by using several in vitro protein-protein interaction screening approaches, including affinity chromatography, co-precipitation, and cross-linking. Candidate hits from these in vitro findings were analyzed by in vivo methods of bacterial two-hybrid (BACTH) and bimolecular fluorescence complementation (BiFC). From these data, DmsD was confirmed to interact with the general molecular chaperones DnaK, DnaJ, GrpE, GroEL, Tig and Ef-Tu. In addition, DmsD was also found to interact with proteins involved in the molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis pathway. Our data suggests that DmsD may play a role as a "node" in escorting its substrate through a cascade of chaperone assisted protein-folding maturation events.


PubMed PMC3288112 Online version:10.1016/j.bbapap.2010.01.022


Carrier Proteins/chemistry; Carrier Proteins/genetics; Carrier Proteins/metabolism; Coenzymes/biosynthesis; Coenzymes/chemistry; Coenzymes/genetics; Escherichia coli/enzymology; Escherichia coli/genetics; Escherichia coli Proteins/chemistry; Escherichia coli Proteins/genetics; Escherichia coli Proteins/metabolism; Iron-Sulfur Proteins/chemistry; Iron-Sulfur Proteins/genetics; Iron-Sulfur Proteins/metabolism; Membrane Transport Proteins/chemistry; Membrane Transport Proteins/genetics; Membrane Transport Proteins/metabolism; Metalloproteins/biosynthesis; Metalloproteins/chemistry; Metalloproteins/genetics; Molecular Chaperones/chemistry; Molecular Chaperones/genetics; Molecular Chaperones/metabolism; Oxidoreductases/chemistry; Oxidoreductases/genetics; Oxidoreductases/metabolism; Protein Folding; Pteridines/chemistry


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