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Explore the phenotypic landscape of E. coli K-12

Nichols et al. (2011) examine more than 10,000 phenotypes of E. coli mutants grown under hundreds of different conditions.[1] You can explore their data using our online data browser, which allows three kinds of searches:

  • gene vs gene
  • condition vs condition
  • gene vs condition

The first two searches return pairs of genes or conditions with the strongest positive and negative correlation coefficients across all conditions or mutations, respectively. The third search returns the conditions that give the strongest positive and negative effects on the fitness for combinations matching the specified gene(s) and condition(s).

The full data sets are also available for download.

Phenotypic Landscape Browser



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  1. Nichols, RJ et al. (2011) Phenotypic landscape of a bacterial cell. Cell 144 143-56 PubMed EcoliWiki page