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A next-generation resource for knowledge and data about the biology of Escherichia coli laboratory strains, its bacteriophages, plasmids and mobile genetic elements.


PI: Paul Thomas, USC

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About PortEco

PortEco is a next generation resource for everything about laboratory strains of Escherichia coli, its phages, plasmids and mobile genetic elements.

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PortEco Leadership Team

  • Paul D. Thomas, University of Southern California, PI
  • Jim Hu, Texas A&M University, PI
  • Gavin Sherlock, Stanford University, PI
  • Peter D. Karp, SRI International
  • Deborah Siegele, Texas A&M University

PortEco Steering Committee

  • Carol Gross, University of California, San Francisco, chair
  • Richard Gourse, University of Wisconsin, co-chair
  • Carol Bult, The Jackson Laboratory
  • Rex Chisholm, Northwestern University
  • Roger Hendrix, University of Pittsburgh
  • Terence Hwa, University of California, San Diego
  • Arkady Khodursky, University of Minnesota
  • Tricia Kiley, University of Wisconsin
  • Robert Landick, University of Wisconsin
  • Philip Matsumura, University of Illinois-Chicago
  • Amy Vollmer, Swarthmore College


PortEco search simultaneously searches many different web resources, displaying summary information and providing links to more detailed information at each of these resources.

Gene product information

  • Displays summary information from "gene pages" and/or "protein pages" at several different resources.
  • Sources:
    • EcoCyc, a database of E. coli K-12 genes and metabolic pathways
    • EcoGene, a database of E. coli genes
    • UniProt, a database of protein information
    • EcoliWiki, an editable information resource

Gene expression

  • Displays information about how a gene is expressed.
  • Sources:

Pathways and Interactions

  • Displays information about metabolic pathways and physical and functional interactions between gene products.
  • Sources:
    • EcoCyc: metabolic pathways
    • Pathway Commons: protein-protein interactions derived from experiments assaying physical interactions (from the IntAct and MINT databases)
    • STRING: protein-protein "functional" interactions inferred from a number of different types of evidence

Protein 3D structure

  • Displays information about the three-dimensional molecular structure of proteins.
  • Source:


  • Displays information about homologous genes (genes that evolved from a common ancestor) and the evolutionary relationships between them.
  • Source:
    • PANTHER, a database of protein phylogenetic trees, orthologs, and functional evolution of genes



  • Search results of curated E. coli publications stored at EcoliWiki.

Using PortEco



PortEco search simultaneously searches many different web resources, displaying summary information and providing links to more detailed information at each of these resources. You can enter a topic, gene, etc. in the search bar at the top of the page of PortEco site to search. For more information, see PortEco Search Help.

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