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About Me

My name is Brenley McIntosh and I am a post-doc in Jim's lab. I have 3 major projects in the lab:

  1. Designing CACAO 0.1 - a course to teach undergraduates to annotate scientific literature using GO terminology!
  2. Annotating genes in E. coli and its phages.
  3. Coding and uploading content, including more phage genomes.

Contact Info Email Snail Mail

Brenley Kathleen McIntosh


Dept. of Biochemistry and Biophysics Texas A&M University College Station, Texas 77843-2128

About the wiki and me

I have a background in phage genetics, but I would love to hear about your project! Please feel free to contact me about content you would like to see on the wiki.

About the pictures

I am a runner at heart (ok, jogger) and these are from my marathon in 2005. I have finished the Houston Marathon and Half Marathon, Calgary Stampede Half Marathon and too many 5km and 10km races to count.


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