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Jim Hu is in the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics at Texas A&M University.


Nature microbiology news feed

Friendly bacteria move in mysterious ways
Probiotic yoghurts have only a small effect on gut bacteria.
Plague genome: The Black Death decoded
The genome of a 660-year-old bacterium is revealing secrets from one of Europe's darkest chapters.
Microbes help giant pandas overcome meat-eating heritage
Researchers find the microorganisms that help bears digest bamboo.
Nobel announcement marred by winner's death
Immunology takes prize for medicine, but award comes three days too late for one recipient.
How microbes train our immune system
Gut bacteria coax T cells to see them as friends.

Here's a paper[1] another paper[2]


As a faculty member in Biochemistry and Biophysics at Texas A&M, I currently teach Genomics and Functional Annotation with Gene Ontology through the Community Assessment of Community Annotation with Ontologies CACAO project.

Previously, I have taught molecular genetics at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. As part of my graduate teaching I created a set of handouts that I fantasize will someday become a book. In the meantime, they are still used at Texas A&M and I am making them available here. See: Category:TAMU BICH-GENE 631 Handouts

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