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Standard Name


Gene Synonym(s)

ECK4171, b4175, JW4133, hflA[1], hflA

Product Desc.

regulator of FtsH protease[2][3];

Component of HflK-HflC complex; regulator of FtsH protease[3]; HflB, integral membrane ATP-dependent zinc metallopeptidase[3]

Membrane bound protease complex, with FtsH and HflK; regulates lysogeny; non-essential[4]

Product Synonyms(s)

modulator for HflB protease specific for phage lambda cII repressor[1], B4175[2][1], HflA[2][1], HflC[2][1] , ECK4171, hflA, JW4133, b4175

Function from GO
Knock-Out Phenotype

transcription unit(s): yjeFE-amiB-mutL-miaA-hfq-hflXKC[2], ORF55-ORF17-amiB-mutL-miaA-hfq-hflXKC

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Gain-of-function alleles in hflC and hflK inhibit FtsH-mediated degradation of uncomplexed SecY protein and other membrane protein substrates. Null hflC or hflK alleles stabilize cytoplasmic substrate cII. hflCK is a multicopy suppressor of ftsH htpX double mutant. Serine protease-like motif in HflC not required for cII degradation. HflC and HflK have a periplasmic prohibitin homology (PHB) domain. HT_Cmplx45_Mem: HflC+HybC+BamB.[4]


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